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Jewelry Care

How to care for your Sunday Jewels:

All pieces are water resistant, sweat proof, and tarnish free; these jewels are made to last!
18k Gold Filled jewelry explained:  Gold Filled jewelry uses a high quality jewelers brass as the base metal that is then fused with a thick layer of real gold.

Gold Filled is a great alternative for solid gold jewelry as it is typically less expensive than solid gold and it's actually more durable. 

The Gem Society states: 

“Since gold never tarnishes and has great workability, many jewelry designers and makers prefer it to other metals. If properly cared for, gold can last indefinitely, which makes it a prized metal to designers as well as consumers. It doesn’t oxidize or corrode, and only a handful of rare acids or hot chlorine bleach can damage it.”

“Despite gold’s desirable properties, it does have one significant drawback: softness. This means it wears out easily. However, mixing gold with other metals creates gold alloy that are stronger, more durable, and better suited for jewelry use. While jewelers do use pure gold for some jewelry pieces, these dent and show wear so readily that most people don’t wear pure gold jewelry on a regular basis.”

See picture below:



Each purchase comes with a FREE jewelry cleaning cloth!

- Clean your jewelry carefully with a soft, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth or chamois; this helps maintain or bring back its shine. 

We recommend that you clean your jewelry regularly (at least once a week) to help keep its shine and overall longevity.

- Tricks for Metal Allergies:  All jewelry is hypoallergenic including our 18k Gold Filled and Rhodium pieces. Our pieces do not contain nickel which is a lead allergen that causes skin reactions.

If you are allergic, or get a rash or itchy reaction when wearing them, please contact us at


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